Grangewaters Working Newfoundlands, formerly Muddy Paws, are a group of enthusiastic Newfoundland owners who train and work their dogs in water rescue disciplines. Our members come from all walks of life but we are brought together by love of our breed and the desire to give our dogs the opportunities to follow their strong instinct for water work. The life-saving exploits of Newfoundlands over their long history are legendary and well documented. While the basic instincts are there, good training and discipline gives focus and direction to our dogs, it keeps those instincts alive and strong in the breed and, best of all, we have fun and the dogs absolutely love it!

A group of our membersBy working together as a group, we are able to help and encourage each other and, most importantly, ensure that training is done in a safe environment for both our two-legged and four-legged members. The atmosphere is always fun, friendly and there is no 'hierachy'. Everyone gets the same opportunities to work and train their dogs and experienced practical advice is always available and willingly given.

We appreciate the time you have taken to visit this site and hope you will stay to take a good look around. Have a flick through our galleries to see just what we, and our dogs, get up to. Whether your are an 'old hand' with Newfoundlands, a new or first-time owner or even if you are just thinking about owning a Newfoundland, you are very welcome to come along and join us at a training session. Information can be found on the Venue and Training pages or you can contact one of our committee members by phone or email, their details appear on the contact us page.

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